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We are happy to undertake full restoration jobs on all items of heritage rolling stock. We are equipped with 35-tonne Matterson jacks to lift coaches, remove/repair/swap bogies and undertake all necessary heavy or light engineering work on chassis, couplings, sole bars and frameworks. We can repair or replace interior and exterior panels.


We are also happy to undertake welding work on locomotive bodywork panels and frames too.


We can machine parts as required and re-build/service/repair vacuum brake and steam heating hoses and systems. We can fully service the entire coach and test and inspect all electrical, mechanical and heating systems.


Inside coaches we can re-upholster, re-paint, re-varnish, re-plumb, re-wire, replace internal doors, fabricate parts, repair ceilings and undertake all aspects of a coach or wagon's restoration.


We can re-canvass and seal coach and wagon roofs. We can replace or repair internal and external fittings such as hinges, ventilators, lights, tables and luggage racks.


Additionally we can supply new parts and spares to compliment your restoration.

Interior restoration work

 39. Interior trim and internal restoration of a Mk 1.

 40. Interior trim and internal restoration of a Mk 1.

 45. Interior trim and internal restoration of a Mk 1

 51. Finished product: Completed internal restoration of a Mk 1.

 52. Interior trim and upholstery renewal on a Mk 1.


 46. Wooden box van restoration.

 47. Wooden box van restoration.

 65. Woodwork: Installation of new flooring.

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